Shower Magic

Do you shower before bed or when you wake up?

Most people fall into one of those two categories for their own reasons. And, to be perfectly honest, I have bounced between the two several times.

There is no right or wrong option, because what works for one person might not work for another.

But, there may be a key reason to shower at night for the sake of mental health.

Morning Showers

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For all of my teenage years, before adulthood, I showered in the morning. I did this for many reasons. The main reason being that I had to walk to school around 6:30am, so it helped me to wake up and feel refreshed with only a few hours of sleep.

A shower in the morning is almost equivalent to having a cup of coffee when you first wake up… almost. It kick starts the brain, refreshes the body, and mentally prepares you for the day. (But I still needed my cup of coffee.)

Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about wild bed head or dry shampoo flakes in your hair.

Night Showers

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Once I began attending university, I took my showers at night. I did this mainly because I didn’t have time during the day while working two jobs and taking classes full-time.

I need as much sleep in the early morning as I can get, because I go to bed pretty late and wake kind of early.

I find it more difficult to get myself out of bed when I have to force myself into the shower right when I wake up. I am more likely to call off sick, because I just don’t feel like getting up when I have to shower in the morning.

Most importantly, I love going to bed clean. I can’t sleep when I feel unwashed, which is a deal breaker for me. Feeling clean also helps me to sleep better, and therefore, wake up feeling better.

The spiritual reason to shower at night

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I read somewhere on the internet about incorporating small rituals into every day tasks. I can’t recall where I read this information, since it was several years ago, but if I do find it, I will link it here.

One suggestion was using showers as a method of rinsing the day off literally and metaphorically.

What does that mean?

Well, when you take a shower, instead of just washing yourself and singing your favorite tunes, feel the negative encounters/experiences/feelings/etc. of the day wash off of your skin in the hot or cold water. Close your eyes and imagine the less than positive and toxic happenings of the day washing away with the physical dirt of the day.

The mental/emotional dirt and the physical dirt both leave you when you enter the shower. I can now literally feel the negativity run down my skin onto the shower floor.

Not only can this improve your mood in general, but it can also help you to go to sleep feeling relaxed and at peace with the day. All of the negative feelings from the day are now down the drain and you can go to sleep a clean slate.

I have done this for several years now, to the point that every time I have a negative experience or feeling during the day, I feel like I need to shower. I feel physically dirty after a negative experience. Way to Pavlov myself, right?

Does it work?

I am sure this won’t work for everyone in the universe, but I promise you won’t lose anything from trying to better your mindset. It probably won’t work though, if you don’t fully commit to trying. It is merely a trick of the mind to better yourself.

If you are being mindful and believe what you are doing will help you in some way, then anything you do to better your experience on this planet will work. It is all in the mind, not the magic/ritual.

This is the kind of “Witchcraft” I am into. It’s not magic, and it’s not claiming to be what we generally associate with the word “magic”. It is simply being mindful during everyday tasks and making time for mindfulness that will better your psyche and realign your mood.

In a way, it is magic. The mind can rewire itself by simply focusing on a process that is physically happening in such a way that it mentally happens as well.

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So, why not give it a try?

There is no harm in trying. You never know, trying this may lead you to finding something else that works better for you.

In the end, it is always a good idea to experiment with ways to improve your life and well being. If simply adding mindfulness to your shower improves your life in the slightest, then I believe it is worth a try.

Let us know if this is something that works (or doesn’t) for you! And share some of your everyday rituals/mindfulness for us to try!

Thanks for looking and stay mystical, Pragmasters.

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