Books I Hope to Read in January

My monthly reading lists tend to be quite optimistic, so I know I might not get to some of these, but I hope to get to most of them.

Let’s just jump right in to the January TBR:


winterwoodWinterwood by Shea Ernshaw

This is a witchy YA Fantasy/Romance with heaps of wintry and dark vibes. The main character is a witch who lives in a forest near a boys camp. One day, in a part of the forest where lost things magically appear she comes across a boy from the mentioned camp who had gone missing during a storm. She does her best to uncover mysterious secrets of the forest, while he hides his own secrets. He is apparently not the only one who went missing during that storm. I love a good dark romance, and I love most anything with realistic witches. I am very hopeful for this book.

royal assassinRoyal Assassin (The Farseer Trilogy #2) by Robin Hobb

In a fantasy world where names are highly regarded, the bastard born son of the next king is never given one. He is neglected, pawned off, and tormented by even his own family. In the first book of this series, the main character taps into an ability that (apparently) only blue blood royals poses, not bastards. But in addition to this known ability, the main character discovers his ability to mentally connect with animals, which if discovered could have him killed. The ability to sync up with an animal is regarded as dark, dangerous, and savage.

Now, as an assassin of the king’s and currently hiding in a foreign kingdom, the main character is avoiding his uncle and those turned on him in the first book. Something forces him in this book to leave the sanctuary of the people in the mountains to save his kingdom and re-enter his work as an assassin. That is really all I know because I am trying to go in pretty blind.

I am not rushing to read this book, but I am itching to move forward through this long list of trilogies that take place in this world. I love them, but they are not something I would binge like crazy. I like to take my time with these ones and just enjoy the ride.

caravalCaraval (Caraval #1) by  Stephanie Garber

I bought this book from Barnes and Noble during a sale earlier this year, and I did so without any knowledge of what it’s about. I have read a few pages of this book, but I haven’t read any more of it yet. I hope I can get to this next month, but we will see if I can get to the other two first.

This book is about a bloody competition, which is all I really know. It’s dark, it’s fantasy, and it sounds interesting. I am intrigued, but I am obviously not super hyped for this one. This is a trilogy, so if I am not wowed by this one, I will not buy the next two.

This book gave me some winter vibes, which is why I saved it for January (and I procrastinated a bit). I am fairly neutral on expectations for this book, so it has a fair chance to sway me either way.

starless seaThe Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

I started this book in December, but it is a dense read so I have a feeling it will take me a bit longer to get through. As of right now, I am only about a 5th of the way into the story, all from one solid day of reading.

I am absolutely in love with the story, characters, and writing thus far so I am excited to get further. I just haven’t been pushing through as fast because I want to read my wintry books first. This book isn’t as season sensitive for me as Frozen II and Winterwood.

I did buy the audio book, so maybe I will give that a try, but I am worried that the more sophisticated and complex writing style and time jumping will make the audio book difficult to follow. I will definitely give it a try since I (1) paid for the audio book version and (2) would like to get through it faster if I can because I am so intrigued by what is anticipated to happen. I will update if I listened to the audio book or read the physical copy in the monthly reads review for the month that I finish it in.

homeHome (Magic Thief #4) by Sarah Prineas

I read this series back when it was first releasing as a trilogy, and I have to say it is the series that sparked my love for reading (my snake is even named after the author, Prineas).

I hope this lives up to the original series, but I am at least 10 years older than when I read the first books. I hope I will still enjoy this even if not as much as when I was 11 years old.

I seriously loved this series though; to the point that I even learned the secret alphabet in the story. I can still remember some of them today, 10 years later.

My first fantasy will hopefully come to a conclusion next month, and I am so excited.

Thanks for your interest in my January Reading List.

Please let me know you plan to read!

Don’t forget to check out my posts every Monday and (sometimes) Thursday.

-Knight of Cups ❤

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