Graphic Novel Series Review: Hilda Series (Spoiler Free)

This is a SPOILER FREE review of: Hilda Series by Luke Pearson

This children’s graphic novel series is about a little girl with an adventurous spirit who constantly comes in contact with mythical creatures, like giants and trolls, while navigating her childhood in the rural mountains (for the most part). It is just Hilda and her mother, so we see a lot of their relationship, little bumps and all, as they face the world together and as Hilda grows up.hilda
This series is full of heartwarming moments between mother and daughter, quirky encounters with creatures of nature (both magical and natural), and imagination fuel that will put you back in touch with your more youthful side.

I, a grown woman, have binged all of these books for my own enjoyment. They bring me joy and a sense of escape from this world by transporting me into a children’s fantasy. I love the warm and adventurous feeling this series leaves me with, and I have started watching the Netflix series that came out recently.

Hilda is such a relateable character and she is so funny. I couldn’t think of a better character to follow for a story like this. Her desires and flaws are very real, and her unique preferences and quirks connect with me on a deeper level. She doesn’t fit in, nature calls to her, and she has a wild imagination.

I wish I had these books when I was little, so that I could have a friend to encourage me to be myself.

My only complaint about this series is that the art style completely changes from book to book. I like them all, and they are similar, but I would prefer the artist just stuck with one. At least the color scheme stays the same, but I would prefer more continuity between books as far as art style is concerned. Hilda looks like Hilda in each book, but her nose and eye shape is not consistent at all.

I am happy to report that the Netflix show seems to stick to one art style (so far).
All in all, if a small change in art style is my only complaint about a children’s book series, then I think it is safe to say this series is pretty good.
Another thing to note, which is just my personal preference, is that these are picture book sized, so they don’t travel well in a bag. I had to just keep them at work because they are are so big that I don’t like carrying them around. Not really an issue pertaining to the content or quality of the graphic novels, just a minor inconvenience for me personally.

I gave this series a 5 out of 5 stars, because I really enjoyed them and had minimal complaints (which were really just me nit picking).

Definitely worth the read.

Thanks for looking!

Did you read/watch Hilda? What’s your opinion on the series?

-Knight of Cups ❤

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