June TBR (2020)

This is an exciting month for me, since I am going to graduate with a BA in Creative Writing about midway through June, have joined several book clubs, and have subscribed to two bookish subscription boxes!

Hopefully, I will have more time to read after graduation. I mean, what else am I gonna do without the countless hours of homework that have right now?
(*Whispering* The answer is read all the things.)

Because of all that free time I hope to have, my TBR is a bit ambitious this month.

What is on your TBR right now? Are you participating in Pride month?

Now for the books that I hope to read in June:

[All book covers are from Goodreads.]


There Will Come a Darkness (The Age of Darkness #1) by Katy Rose Pool 

I bought this book for a book club on Instagram. It is quite ironic, because it is a TBR book club, (meant to help us get through the books already on our TBRs) but a book that I am interested in but don’t own was chosen. So I ended up buying a new book instead of making progress on my TBR. I know, ironic.

This book had me at the synopsis, specifically this part:

“A prince exiled from his kingdom.
A ruthless killer known as the Pale Hand.
A once-faithful leader torn between his duty and his heart.
A reckless gambler with the power to find anything or anyone.
And a dying girl on the verge of giving up.”

I am a sucker for groups of strong personalities with that “found family” trope. A lot of reviews say that the characters drive the story, and I personally love character driven stories a lot. I am a bit worried that this book may also fall into the typical YA story, but I will let you know in my June Wrap Up.

I get strong Six of Crows vibes from this book, and that makes me very happy.

In general, I’ve had my eye on this book for a while, so I ironically ordered it for this book club. Oh well…


All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries #1) by Martha Wells

This is the book my second book club will most likely be reading next month. This is a buddy read with friends and coworkers that my fella will also participating in.

This book sounds amazing. It is a SciFi novella that follows a sarcastic, lazy Murderbot escorting humans in space when really all he wants to do is watch dramas. This seems like a super funny and quick read, so I am really excited for this one.

Do you have any book clubs or buddy reads that you participate in?



The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1) by Brandon Sanderson 

I don’t know if I will actually get to this mountain of a book in June, but I do really want to start it, at the least. This is a well known adult fantasy in the book community and that’s all I know. I want to go into this book pretty blind, but I do know there is a lot of war and politics, which I love.

This book is at least 1,000 pages, so I hope to make use of the audiobook and the ebook from my library. I plan to buddy read this with a new friend as part of a personal challenge to read bigger books this year.

I am have really high expectations for this book because it has 275,070 ratings on Goodreads with an average rating of 4.65 stars out of 5! That is a crazy high rating, so I am pretty stoked!

This will also be my first Brandon Sanderson book… I know I am a poser. Can I even call myself a reader without having read Brandon Sanderson? IDK.


Where Dreams Descend (Kingdom of Cards #1) by Janella Angeles 

This is a guess for a June subscription box that might not even be here in time for the month, but I will add it anyway, just in case it does.

This book looks like a lot of fun. It is about a circus that’s full of magic and competition. I am a fan of circus books, by that I mean I liked Night Circus, so I hope I also enjoy this book.

I also believe there is a bit of a romance in this book, which I am so down for in this setting. I am worried that this book will fall into the typical YA tropes and plot. I don’t know a lot about it, but I am excited nonetheless.


Incendiary (Hollow Crown #1) by Zoraida Córdova 

This book is a guess I have for another subscription box, which was for April, but was delayed due to the pandemic.

I actually think I might end up with two copies of this book due to two separate subscription boxes. If that is the case, the I will possibly hold off reading it until the second copy arrives, so that I can buddy read it with a coworker. That will make this read a lot of fun I think.

As I said in my May TBR:

“The theme for the box is ‘memories’ and mentions a book “set in a world inspired by Inquisition-era Spain, where magic is feared and rebels are trying to overthrow the crown. This tale of revenge, love and magic had us hooked from page one and we are still reeling from the twist at the end.”

I again worry that this book will be another typical YA, but we will see. YA has been surprising me lately, so I have hope.

Royal Assassin (The Farseer Trilogy #2) by Robin Hobb

Royal Assassin (The Farseer Trilogy #2) by Robin Hobb

I sadly haven’t been listening to audiobooks as much, since I am at home so often. I usually listened to audiobooks while driving to work, but like many people right now, I am not going to work.

I will just keep adding this to my TBRs until I finally finish it. As I said in my April Reading Wrap Up, I am not going to force myself to read this book or rush to get through it, because I am just here to enjoy the ride.

These are the books that I want to read this month, but what I really want to know is: what YOU are reading this month.

Please share your TBR and current reads in the comments!

Don’t forget to check out my posts on Mondays at noon!

-Knight of Cups ❤

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