Melanin, Me

Restless nights

                                    emotional roller coasters

                                                                                    pondering an understanding


eyes that rupture

in utter disgust,

another hashtag that shouldn’t be

the new norm-

where I shouldn’t be desensitized about

innocent lives taken for granted, taken away

my heart






These days continue on, how to move on

when there’s a time where

I’ll ever feel



To get our voices heard, we’re silenced…

silenced with teargassed, rubber bullets

striking the peace-


why be peaceful


when it’s an issue,


scrolling down my feed, it’s all what I see

headaches that stings like a bee, poisoning the evil inside

my system,

a river flow of anger, tears rushing down

the rounded, defined cheekbones

shaping my face

my physique, trembling,

stunning me with various

speculations, logical

reasonings. My mind in a cluster

hell of sloppiness,



needs to be



A dream-


being seen, recognized,

valued, worthy, presentable,

being accepted for who I am-


what I’m about


what I stand for


that we’re all human-

we’re all vulnerable,


to be me, my complexion

luxurious, so sleek

that I should be proud of this prize,

a prize that I was fortunate to be gifted.


to see the talent, the craft

that I continue to improve-

beating that stereotype of what I’m supposed to be.


Melanin, me-

yes, it’s who I am

who I’ll forever be… nothing is changing that.

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