All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace: Pirates, Magic, Mermaids, and Adventure

This is a Spoiler Free book review of All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace.

My Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

This YA pirate adventure took me by surprise! I had seen some less than positive reviews last year, which had my expectations pretty low. But by the stars was I pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story!

This is a world where people live on certain islands based on the type of magic they practice, but only the Montara family can learn soul magic. We follow Amora, the heir to the Animancer throne, who must prove to her kingdom that she is worthy of ruling by controlling her beastly magic. From there, the synopsis says it best:

“When her demonstration goes awry, Amora is forced to flee. She strikes a deal with Bastian, a mysterious pirate: he’ll help her prove she’s fit to rule, if she’ll help him reclaim his stolen magic.

But sailing the kingdom holds more wonder — and more peril — than Amora anticipated. A destructive new magic is on the rise, and if Amora is to conquer it, she’ll need to face legendary monsters, cross paths with vengeful mermaids, and deal with a stow-away she never expected… or risk the fate of Visidia and lose the crown forever.”

– Goodreads


This story is such a wild ride full of adventure, magic, intrigue, and vivid darkness. I never once got bored, because the pacing is consistent and what you’d expect from a YA Adventure.

The characters and their banter had me squealing throughout the entire journey. There is a smooth talking pirate with impeccable fashion and a crewless ship, a princess whose magic is so dark and twisted that others turn away in horror, a fiery mermaid with a dark past and a thirst for blood, and a jealous stowaway with the ability to regenerate limbs and throw salt in anyone’s direction.

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The ending was not a cliffhanger and was fairly satisfying, even if it didn’t tie up the bigger picture completely.

The cover of this book, naked and with the jacket, is stunning. I can’t wait to get the sequel to display both on my bookshelves.

I read this book with my bookstagram friend @globalbuecher, and my stars did we have fun! Highly recommend as a buddy read or book club read! It is also a super quick read with a lot of relatable and hilarious quotes.

I think this book would make a great pirate adventure movie… just me?

Favorite Character(s): Bastien and Vataea

Favorite Quote(s):

  • “Fear is a part of life; all the matters is what we do with it.”
  • “The world doesn’t work with only your eyes, Princess. There’s truth in more than what you can see.”
  • “But remember that if you try anything, I’ll stab you without a second thought.”
    “Are you flirting with me? It’s a bit hard to tell, considering how terrifying you are.”
  • “A pirate has no right to look so handsome.”


The audiobook is pretty awful in my opinion. The narrator tries to use a manly voice for the male characters and it’s just too funny to take seriously. She sounds like she uses her smoker voice for all the guys, and I couldn’t enjoy it.

I do not want to wait for the sequel, because the ending didn’t totally tie everything up. But that is just me not wanting it to be over, because it’s good.

I can see how some people might find this book to be not deep enough or cheesy. To that I say “keep in mind this is a YA adventure”. Not all books have to be deep and revolutionary to the genre, like The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. Some books are a journey that you just enjoy for what it is. Also, this kind of drama is kind of expected in the YA genre, so keep that in mind. I personally enjoyed every step of the way.

Content Warnings


There are pirate battles, sea monsters, slaves/prisoners, murder, death row, gore, and general aggressive behavior and threats. There is also an entire chapter dedicated to domestic abuse. It is pretty hard to read, but doesn’t go farther than threats and physical bruises (no sexual violence). 

Sexual Content

There is one actual steamy scene, but it is not more than a few sentences and you don’t actually see anything. No sexual violence that I remember.

Mental Health

If you fear drowning or the ocean, this may not be for you. There are some sexist characters, but they are not glorified (it is frowned upon). Anxiety, loss, death, malicious family members, and deceptive family members. Death row is also a small topic in this story.


Do I recommend this series and who do I recommend it to?

  • Anyone who is interested in dark fantasy, banter, adventure, pirates, mermaids, soul magic, the ocean, or just a quick good time. This is a perfect summer read!

Would I read this book again and will I continue with the rest of the series? 

  • For sure! This is a good light read to get passionate about reading and just enjoy yourself. I will definitely be preordering the sequel, which comes out in 2021.

Thank you for reading my review of All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace!

Have you read this book? What did you think about it? Did I miss anything?

If you have any suggestions to add to my reviews, please let me know! I want to be as helpful as possible!

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-Knight of Cups ❤

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