Graphic Novel Review // Love Love Love (Vol 1: Yeah Yeah Yeah)

Spoiler Free Review of Love Love Love (Volume 1: Yeah Yeah Yeah)
by Kid Toussaint, Andres Garrido

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Content Warnings
Sexual Harassment: (Pg.14) apartment neighbor looks at MC back end while hinting that they should hook up for “neighbor appreciation day”. MC doesn’t seem to notice.
Racism:Fantasy racism towards robots that parallels racism in the US during the Civil Rights Movement. Segregation.
Cheating: A side character is cheating on her husband with another bot they live with.
Violence: (Pg.31-33) MCs are attacked by a drink neighbor.(Pg.56)mutilated robot body. (Throughout) rebellion uprising with riots/protests and police violence against bots.

Looking for a graphic novel with lgbtqia+ representation, sentient robots, and a rebellion uprising? What about a sweet romance between a bot and a human? Or a story and world that almost directly parallels current world issues, along with U.S. Civil War conflicts?

This young adult graphic novel is the first in a series that takes place in a world where robots are segregated and oppressed by humanity, causing a robot uprising. The main character is a cherish bot who gains his energy from affection. He meets a fiery human woman, who believes in equality for bots. Thus beginning an unlikely romance between two beings who’ve always struggled with lasting relationships.
This book directly translates the U.S. civil rights movement into a dystopian world, and does so with a beautiful art style. I am not an Own Voices reviewer in regards to the racism/lgbtqia+ representation in this story, but I can say that I enjoyed this read, and look forward to continuing the series.

Did I mention that this art style is STUNNING?!

Thank you to NetGalley for the ebook in exchange for an honest review.


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