New Series \\ Tarot Topics

Welcome! I’d like to quickly introduce a new series called Tarot Topics. In this series, I will be drawing random tarot cards to inspire a topic or reflection to discuss with you all.

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If you aren’t familiar with tarot, it is important to know for this series, that each tarot card holds several meanings, interpretations, and its own story. What any given person gets from a tarot card is highly personal, therefore a single card has countless ways that it can be interpreted, even for a single person. There is no right or wrong interpretation, and a card can change in interpretations even between sessions.

For this series, I will reflect upon the randomly chosen card before creating a discussion piece to post here. Hopefully, this will help with my own mindfulness and inspire you to think about certain topics and share your thoughts in the comments.

In the off chance that I pull the same card twice in a row, I will likely redraw or (if the card inspires several topics for me) find a different interpretation/aspect of the card to discuss.

If you do this on your own, please share it with me or tag me on social media so that I can participate in your post!

Thank you so much for checking in, and I hope you’ll stick around for this new series. I am super excited for the conversations that we will have!


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