Reading Your Recommendations \\ Finna

Originally posted as a Reading Vlog on my Youtube Channel.

Welcome to a new series!

This is a new series over on my YouTube channel, where I ask some of you for personalized reading recommendations based on my reading tastes. I am so excited to experience some books that I otherwise may not have picked up on my own!

Thank you so so so much to @ALifeLivedInBooks for recommending this book to me!

Emily ( @ALifeLivedInBooks )

The beautiful and kind soul, Emily, recommended Finna to me for this series. She is a former bookstore associate and currently a wonderful parent. If you enjoy wholesome and real content about parenthood, books, the world, and work life, I highly recommend giving her instagram a gander! We also have similar reading tastes. For example, we both love the MurderBot Diaries by Martha Wells and middle grade novels and spicy romance. With that in mind, I went into this book with high hopes.

“Finna” by Nino Cipri

Emily described this book to me as a story about two furniture store employees who just broke up traveling through a wormhole that opened up in their store in search of a missing grandma. She said it is quirky, strange, and a fun adventure. I trust her word wholeheartedly.

Reading Finna

This book didn’t just deliver on all of the things Emily said, but it exceeded the expectations I was given. Not only is this a wild multiverse adventure with ex-couple banter, but it is also thrilling, a bit unsettling, and a full on existential crisis. There are many conversations and explorations of heavy topics relating to existence, multiverses, relationships, identity, and mental health. And I personally feel like the topics within this novella are handled with care and done exceptionally.

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