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This is a new series on my blog, in which I randomly drawing a tarot card from a tarot deck to inspire a topic of discussion/reflection. If you’d like to know more about this series or want a general explanation of how I use tarot for the purpose of this series, check out my recent announcement!

General Card Meaning

The Page of Cups is an interesting one with many interpretations. First, the page cards tend to represent messengers, while the cups cards tend to reference emotions and passions. The cup can also represent the womb in which offspring are carried in, and therefore often have to do with reproduction and caring for others and/or oneself.

Sasuraibito Tarot Deck by Stasia Burrington

This card is traditionally illustrated with a male page holding a cup with a fish peering out at him against a backdrop of the sea. Burrington’s artwork shows a young woman with a key that goes to the keyhole in her chest which is covered in the pattern of the night sky. She holds a bow and looks content and maybe even curious.

This card upright tends to generally mean that creative opportunities or ideas will arise /are rising out of the blue, to trust and follow ones intuition, to wield curiosity, and to be open to new possibilities.

Reversed, this card can mean that one may desire to pursue new ideas, doubt their intuition, experience creative blocks, or are not emotionally open/mature.

This card was chosen at random from my deck after several shuffles, and it couldn’t be more applicable to my life right now.

Photo from here.


Recently, a burning desire to pursue creative endeavors (like reading, writing, making videos, crafting, learning languages, etc.) has consumed my every waking hour, but I have not had any time to release this creative energy. So, all of this passion and desire has been rapidly boiling within me, to the point that I feel as though I am overflowing with nowhere to put use to this erupting energy. It is incredibly frustrating to feel the fiery flames of passion and creativity (for once), yet not be able to get that energy out. Without the ability to my energy elsewhere, I feel myself falling into a rut.

So, I have been trying to find more balance in my everyday life. I am trying to include some creative activities on top of my daily workload as a caregiver and homemaker. For example, I listen to audiobooks while cleaning the house and brainstorm ideas in the shower. Additionally, I have jumped head first into the world of baby-wearing after several sweaty summer months avoiding it (it’s seriously a lifesaver if you have a baby and need to get anything done). I will wear baby in the wrap for a nap or two, while I type on my laptop, read, or play Animal Crossings. This has significantly improved my quality of life and given me a means to scratch that creative itch while taking care of an infant. But, some days, it doesn’t feel like enough.

In regards to cups representing oneself or the womb, I have definitely been juggling both myself and the baby. It is extremely difficult to find a healthy balance of parenthood, marriage, and self care. Sometimes self care is taking a long shower, other times it’s taking 10 minutes to read before bed. I tend to forget myself in the whirlwind of being a parent and a wife, so much so that some days I don’t eat until dinner time or go to the restroom until bed. I don’t think of myself when lost in the chaotic game of Tetris I play on a daily, trying to find the time to take care of the baby, the house, my partner… I suspect that this is what causes my occasional burnout and ultimately episodes of depression.

Like the Page of Cups, I have the key to the infinite universe within my being that will make me happy and keep me healthy, but I just can’t seem to clear a path to unlock the door. Some external or internal force always seems to get in the way.

Food For Thought

  • Do you wield the key to your wellness?
  • What is blocking you from your passion projects?
  • What can you do to take steps towards unlocking that part of yourself?
  • Are you open to change in order to better yourself?
  • Have you done something that scares you (in a good way) recently?
  • Are you being open, vulnerable, and understanding with others and yourself?

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