Orilium: Spring Equinox 2022

Welcome to those who are participating in the Orilium Readathon by Book Roast!

If you don’t know what I am talking about, then check out Book Roast’s videos about the readathon. I am just an enthusiastic participant!

In short, it’s a readathon where the readers create a character (kind of like D&D), choose a calling (career), and complete the prompts that are required to succeed at that calling. Magic school, but make it D&D.

My Character

Name: Myrrh Vetiver

I chose my favorite incense as my character’s name. Given their background, it seemed appropriate. I had this idea that they came from a small clan in Irtheria where names are plants and animals depending on the family.

Background: Wilding

They lived a rural lifestyle in a small clan far from highly populated cities.

Heritage: Earthling

Barefoot with green leopard spots across stomach arms and legs, dark purple leaves growing from their black hair, and patches of bark on their shoulders and hips. They have amber

Province: Irtheria

Comes from their native continent in a small clan that lives peacefully amongst the wild landscape. Which is why they feel the most comfortable in natural settings.

Guild: Archivists

A natural scholar and seeker of wisdom, Myrrh adores gathering records and spending time surrounded by stories.

Guild Legacy: Velinas

Growing up in a natural world, Myrrh is very close to the cycle of life and actually feels a deep connection with Velinas for this reason.

Conduit: Bone

They carry around the skull of a small reptile on a chain around their neck to remind them to channel their abilities.

Calling: Story Weaver

Having a pretty reclusive childhood, Myrrh naturally suits the mysterious lifestyle of the Story Weaver. They are a dedicated student, but they walk the line between dark and light.

Spring Equinox 2022

Story Weaver

Spring Syllabus

  • Inscription
    • Glyph: Strength
      • read an intimidating book
  • Art of Illusion
    • Mirror Image
      • read a book with trope you like
  • Psionics & Divination
    • Clairsentience
      • read a book set in the future
  • Lore
    • Myths Most Known
      • read a mythology inspired book (I am adapting this for myself to include pirates and retellings, since I don’t read mythology)

Books to Fulfill Prompts

Inscription (intimidating)

  • “Idtiots” by Laura Clery
    • I’ve actually already finished this book for April. This is a nonfiction book about Clery’s life and experiences, which is a genre I do not generally read. Memoirs and autobiographies always intimidate me for some reason.

Art of Illusion (trope)

  • “Viva Durant and the Secret of the Silver Buttons” by Ashli St. Armant
    • As of writing this post, I have just begun this book. This book contains strong family themes, lush culture, and music. The trope I life for this book is a bit of a spoiler, so I will try to keep it vague. I really like passing on family secrets and solving family mysteries.
  • “The Sand Warrior” by Mark and Alexis Siegel
    • I have not yet started this graphic novel. Probably my favorite trop of all is “found family” and this book seems to have that.

Psionics & Divination (future)

  • “The Search for Wondla” by Tony DiTerlizzi
    • I just finished this audiobook. It takes place in either a predicted future or alternate future, either way it counts. One of my new favorite children’s books.
  • “A Closed and Common Orbit” by Becky Chambers
    • I got this audiobook from my library today, so hopefully I can get to it after Viva Durant. This space opera takes place after humans leave earth at the end of its life and join a galactic empire of various species that kept them from extinction all those years ago. This is the second book in a series. Think wholesome, progressive contemporary in space.

Lore (myth or retelling)

  • “The Maiden Ship” by Micheline Ryckman
    • I have been physically reading this book fora few weeks. It features pirates, which I am counting as American Myth, since Americans do not actually present pirates accurately and have created a whole mythos around them (like Pirate of the Caribbean). I am not in love with this read so far, so I hope I can finish it this month.
  • “Unhooked” by Lisa Maxwell
    • Peter Pan retelling with pirates. I know nothing else about this book, but I got it from the library to taste test before deciding to read it.

Thanks for checking out my readathon plans!

If you’re participating or not, what are you currently reading?!


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