“The Kaiju Preservation Society”: a book for the nerds \\ Book Review

This is a spoiler free review of “The Kaiju Preservation Society” by John Scalzi.

Synopsis in a Sentence

“Pacific Rim” meets “Jurassic Park” but with multiverse travel and alien Kaiju on an alternate version of Earth during the 2020 pandemic told using satirical narration and packed with nerd culture.

Content Warnings:

Animal/alien death, losing one’s job, pandemic setting, action, self defense, death, thrilling situations, weapons, near death situations, animal attacks, and more.

Goodreads Synopsis

The Kaiju Preservation Society is John Scalzi’s first standalone adventure since the conclusion of his New York Times bestselling Interdependency trilogy.

When COVID-19 sweeps through New York City, Jamie Gray is stuck as a dead-end driver for food delivery apps. That is, until Jamie makes a delivery to an old acquaintance, Tom, who works at what he calls “an animal rights organization.” Tom’s team needs a last-minute grunt to handle things on their next field visit. Jamie, eager to do anything, immediately signs on.

What Tom doesn’t tell Jamie is that the animals his team cares for are not here on Earth. Not our Earth, at at least. In an alternate dimension, massive dinosaur-like creatures named Kaiju roam a warm and human-free world. They’re the universe’s largest and most dangerous panda and they’re in trouble.

It’s not just the Kaiju Preservation Society that’s found its way to the alternate world. Others have, too–and their carelessness could cause millions back on our Earth to die.

-Synopsis from Goodreads

The Breakdown

My Rating: 5/5 or 9.14/10

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Memorable characters with distinct personalities and casual LGBTQIA+ representation within the primary cast of characters make this book a a joy to read. Additionally, the satirical banter amongst this found family of characters is likely to gain a chuckle from the sarcasm lovers out there. The main character is a blank slate for the reader to view the story through, but this wide cast of characters provides one for most any reader to connect with and enjoy.

I don’t really have a favorite character from this book, because I found them all to be hilarious. Although, Jamie’s roommates are pretty high up there.


Lush alien jungles/swamps with building sized kaiju and hungry parasites is an aesthetic for a specific kind of reader. For those who enjoy natural settings with aliens (like the movie “Avatar“).

The writing is immersive, to the point that the reader can feel the humidity and hear the bugs buzzing around their head while reading. If you like immersive Sci-Fi with an abundance of creatures and atmosphere, but also not too much detail, then give this book a shot.

I love the “Jurassic Park” aesthetic. I love nature, and I love big monstrous creatures, so this book really did it for me.

Writing (9)

Scalzi has done an excellent job creating a quick, action-packed novel that feels complete, well-paced, and interesting. Every character has the right amount of personality and the world is fleshed out beautifully. Scalzi executed this novel like a pro.

If you enjoy books that read like action movies, then definitely give this book a go.

This is my first Scalzi book, and I may need to give their other books a read. I truly loved every aspect of this book.

Although, I have seen reviews of longtime Scalzi fans complaining that this book isn’t like Scalzi’s others, so I will have to do some investigating of my own.


Enjoy action movies with a focus on science, an intense plot that still feels lighthearted, and a quick paced story? Give this a go. This book reads like a movie in the best way possible.

Obviously this book isn’t very long, but that is to its advantage in this case. It’s a quick read with a lot that unfolds in hilarious ways. Just don’t take it too seriously, and you will likely have a great time.


If you are even a little bit interested in the synopsis of this book, give it a go. Scalzi keeps readers interested throughout this book by skillfully using writing techniques that create an interesting and entertaining plot, cast of characters, and setting.

If you enjoy this niche genre and writing style, you will likely be unable to put this book down.

This book is unputdownable in my experience. I have not binged a book like this in a long time, but I literally couldn’t stop thinking/talking about this book until I finished. I was actually frustrated when I had to stop reading this book to take care of responsibilities like some kind of adult. It was a beautifully painful dilemma.

Logic (8)

For a quirky book about giant nuclear animals on an alternate Earth discovered through nuclear war, this book is well written. It follows its own rules and explains itself in ways that allow the reader to easily and seamlessly suspend disbelief in order to continue with the story.

This book is a good time and doesn’t take itself too seriously while still proving itself to the reader.

There were almost no points in this story that I was drawn out of it to question the believability of events. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Enjoyment (10)

If you enjoy “Jurassic Park“, “Pacific Rim“, “Avatar“, “The Martian“, or even other books by Scalzi, give this book a try.

“The Kaiju Preservation Society” is a lighthearted, feel-good book full of satire, action, and childlike wonder.

If you aren’t an avid reader, but you enjoy any of the movies mentioned in this review, give this book a try.

I happen to love these kinds of books, and this book is now a new favorite. I actually went out and bought a copy, since I had borrowed it from the library. I will not stop gushing over this book, and I will read it again soon.

Thank you for checking out this review! If you enjoyed this piece, please consider checking out the readathon I am currently participating in Orilium: Spring Equinox 2022!

-Knight of Cups ❤


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