What happened to Pragmastery.com?

As a few of you may have noticed, Pragmastery.com content has dwindled since July 2022. Let me try to quickly explain why and what that means for the future of the Pragmastery community.

Reaching in the dark for purpose…

I’ve talked about it an obnoxious amount of times across the internet, but I became a full-time homemaker and mother in 2021. I had this idea, before our child was born, that I would be a mother full time with lots of reading to keep me creative. I expected motherhood to fill me with passion and purpose. For me, that was not how things unfolded, and that’s okay!

The first several months postpartum were great. I was euphoric. I loved being at home all day, cleaning and hanging out with a baby. I would read a little here and there, record videos randomly, and sometimes even post to this blog.

I don’t know if I was riding the postpartum high or what, but I was fulfilled by my duties at home, supplementing with reading, blogging, and vlogging.

Searching for purpose…

Slowly, I started getting really really depressed and feeling lost. I felt like I had no purpose, and I was realizing that motherhood was not intellectually stimulating enough, nor was it fulfilling me entirely on its own anymore. Don’t misunderstand me, I love being a mom. It is fulfilling, but it is not fulfilling my need for intellectual stimulation.

This blog, YouTube, and reading weren’t enough anymore. I was feeling the creative itch. I wanted to write. Not just for a blog, but a novel.

An amazing opportunity!

In June, I became a ghostwriter. Yes! FOR REAL!

I was over the moon and in the stars. I now write novels for a publisher to publish under other author names. Unfortunately, I am not allowed, nor do I want, to reveal which publisher, let alone which books. This is for my own comfort, in addition to a privacy contract that I signed.

I am so happy to be writing. It has been so good for me. I cannot express how much my life changed with this new purpose. But, everything has a cost. Writing is time consuming.

A conflict of schedules…

I am now working on books while homemaking AND being a full-time parent. When I started working, I quickly came to realize that I had to make some difficult decisions. I couldn’t keep up with everything. Something had to go, at least for now.

Here is what I’ve settled on:

  • Goodreads
    • I use Goodreads to track ALL of my reading and post reviews for every book I read.
    • This is where I am the most consistently active right now.
    • Let’s be friends! Add me!
  • Instagram
    • I post in stories daily and short reviews on occasion.
    • I no longer post regularly on my actual feed, nor do I post for every book that I read.
  • YouTube
    • I usually post a YT video at least once a month, because I find them to be fun and easy.
    • They also keep me motivated to do house work.
    • I do not follow a set schedule; I post when I can.
  • Pragmastery.com
    • Because I write for work A LOT, I am pausing the blog until my child is in school, and I can really work full-time.
    • I will rarely post here.
  • Read as much as possible
    • I read in my free time to relax, and listen to audiobooks while homemaking

This is not goodbye…

I may still occasionally post here, when I have time. I don’t want to leave this blog behind forever. I want to do all of the things I love. Luckily, things will change as the child gets older. She will hopefully go to school in a few years, and that will give me time to add this website back into my schedule.

I am looking forward to writing books, making YouTube videos, and writing for this blog full-time one day. It is my dream. I know that the time will come; I just have to be patient right now and make some sacrifices.

Let’s be friends!

If you are sad to see Pragmastery.com decrease in content, I apologize, but I am still active over on:




I am excited to be friends elsewhere, until the time is right🖤

Stay safe. Stay kind. See you soon.✨


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