About Us

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Greetings New Pragmaster!

You may be wondering what this whimsical little site is all about, well we are here to tell you just that…

In early 2019, specifically February, we began working on this website where we could share pragmatic lifestyle experiences of our own, in addition to sharing some creative, educational, and pieces that we feel are relatively related to the topic of lifestyle and living a “healthy” life.

We want to share our personal experiences and lifestyles in the hopes of inspiring others to better themselves and find what works for them. If not that, then at least we can provide some entertainment.

Before you explore the depths of this site, please take a gander at an important Public Notice about online health advice and being cautious of what you read on the internet, especially regarding your health and safety. It will only take a minute, even if you already know all there is to know, so please humor us all for your safety and quickly skim the Notice

You may be asking yourself who is behind this site and why do they care?

Well, I suppose it’s only fair that you know a little bit about the mystifying beings behind the words and photos… you are the Pragmaster of your reading habits after all.

“Who even are we?”

We are just some writers in love with the world around us.

We are writers that want to share our experiences, creative work, and just spread our voices in a positive manner.

The founder of this website, Knight of Cups, is a strong believer that the energy of our lives is heavily affected by the energy of the content we absorb and the people we interact with. If we read/watch/consume negative things, we subconsciously are less positive feeling, even if not actively perceived. That is why we try to spread positivity and provide sensitive content warnings on ALL our content.

We care about your experiences on this site and in life.

All of our writers have been chosen based on their compatibility with the above goals. If you would like to read more about our writers, please select the author’s name on their post where you can read about each of these amazing beings.

If you would like to respectfully address a concern or provide a comment about a specific writer or piece, please visit our Correspondence page, we are always trying to improve our site to be a pleasant read for all of our viewers when possible and within reason.

We are all flawed beings after all, and nothing/no one is perfect.