2020 Goals

Who will you be in 2020?


"You speak Spanish like you're stupid."  Little did I know at the time that I did not, in fact, speak Spanish like I was stupid. The difference between my Spanish and theirs was in the dialect. My family is from Yucatán, Mexico and a good portion of its population are of Mayan descent and strive to keep their customs alive and well even in contemporary settings.

The Butcher

I could never understand how someone could look into the eyes of a dog and not find the true meaning of love and compassion. I could never understand how their little happy pants and excited yips don’t cause the weights your heart constantly carries to lift, and I could never understand how the sadness in … Continue reading The Butcher

Dear Introverts

Introverts are those that work better alone, enjoy and recharge during solitude, and expend energy socializing. You are at the peak of your creativity when alone with your thoughts. Remember, introverts, you are not handicapped by your “introversion”, you are at an advantage and you have abilities that put you ahead of the game when you acknowledge your individual superpowers. You can define the new standards of success and you can change the leadership stereotype of outgoing behavior and gusto.

How to have more Positive and Supportive Relationships

No family is perfect. People with less "functional" or "ideal" home lives can be indirectly making those of a more "functional" home life feel guilty for their healthy childhood. Our job is to cease the issue of shame and instead feel grateful for those with healthy home lives and hopeful for the human species. This leads me to the topic of being vulnerable and supportive in your relationships with friends, family, and partners.