Update: Unfortunately…

There will be no new post this Friday, we are dog-sitting an old pupper some distance away! We will be back to our regular programming next Friday! Hope you have an amazing week. We will enjoy a little break with pups and books! Thanks for all your support! See you soon 😉

New Series \\ Tarot Topics

Welcome! I'd like to quickly introduce a new series called Tarot Topics. In this series, I will be using random tarot cards to inspire a topic or reflection to discuss with you all. Hopefully, this will help with my own mindfulness and inspire you to think about certain topics and share your thoughts in the comments.

The Birth of Our Baby

Pregnancy Recap Before we can talk about the actual labor and delivery of our first born, we need to place some ground work. My pregnancy was uneventful, for the most part, but not without some minor complications. I found out I was pregnant by an at home pregnancy test on August 31st of 2020, which … Continue reading The Birth of Our Baby