The Beauty of Trading Books

My first experience trading books has been an enlightening one! Read all about it in today's post...

ARC Graphic Novel Review \\ Star Beasts

This book will be published on August 17th, 2021 Star Beasts by Stephanie Young My rating: 4 of 5 starsContent Warnings: Space, abandonment, bullying, insecurity, war, general space battles, and runaway pet.Do you want comical and adventurous space wars among rivalry planets of sentient animals? What about themes of friendship, protecting others, and coming into … Continue reading ARC Graphic Novel Review \\ Star Beasts

The Birth of Our Baby

Pregnancy Recap Before we can talk about the actual labor and delivery of our first born, we need to place some ground work. My pregnancy was uneventful, for the most part, but not without some minor complications. I found out I was pregnant by an at home pregnancy test on August 31st of 2020, which … Continue reading The Birth of Our Baby

Graphic Novel Review // Love Love Love (Vol 1: Yeah Yeah Yeah)

Spoiler Free Review of Love Love Love (Volume 1: Yeah Yeah Yeah)by Kid Toussaint, Andres Garrido ★★★★ 7.79/10 Content WarningsSexual Harassment: (Pg.14) apartment neighbor looks at MC back end while hinting that they should hook up for "neighbor appreciation day". MC doesn't seem to notice.Racism:Fantasy racism towards robots that parallels racism in the US during … Continue reading Graphic Novel Review // Love Love Love (Vol 1: Yeah Yeah Yeah)