Book Review \\ A Dark and Hollow Star

Diverse, immersive, political, and unputdownable. A dark Adult Fantasy Romance that follows a human woman from our world who is transported to an alternate world with vampires, fae, demons, gods, and other high fantasy creatures where she wakes up as the princess from another kingdom who murdered the parents of the current king, her ex-fiance.


How I Avoid Hoarding Books \\ Declutter Your (Head)Space

In a day and age of instant gratification, aggressive marketing, and materialism, many of us are overwhelmed by the dragon hoard of clutter in our lives. There is nothing outright wrong with owning thousands of books, if it brings you joy. But, for many of us, this barricade of stories can overwhelm our minds (and our TBRs), to the point that many of us end up in a reading slump and/or their shelves don't spark joy.